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my head. 47 degrees was the high temperature at reagan international -- reagan national. we have one final look for the snow totals for february -- nearly 50 inches of snow at bwi marshall. i do not think we will see something like this for some time. we have temperatures in the 30's sundown the east coast, with the exception of reagan national. -- in the 30's up and down the east coast, with the exception of reagan national. it looks like there is a chance for some rain. there is no significant accumulation expected this time around. now our skies are mostly-to- partly cloudy. temperatures are falling to about 30 degrees. there will be standard clouds and temperatures in the 30's in the morning. by the afternoon, the will be lots of sunshine with 45 degrees to 50 degrees. the wind chill factor will make it feel a bit cooler. this will take us through the entire work week. we will look for clubs to increase on tuesday with a wintery -- we will look for clouds to increase on tuesday with a wintry mix that night. there will be a gradual warming up for the end of the work week. by satur
. and then there is an issue dealing with slots and perimeter rules for reagan national airport. it has been controversial in the past, for many, many years, and some colleagues on both sides of the aisle have offered amendments dealing with slots and the perimeter rule. and so it has caused a lot of discussion for some long while, and we've got people on both sides of these issues, for and against increasing slots, exspandling the number of flights beyond the perimeter at reagan national. what we have discussed more recently is an amendment would be offered by the minority. they would perhaps modify an amendment that is now filed, and they would offer an amendment 0 on the slots and, i guess, slots and the perimeter rule, and to have that debated and discussed. and one of the things we discussed is that we understand going into conference with the house, the how has provisions that increase slots at reagan national. so that's going to be an issue in rches. the question is, what is the senate's position going to conference? and it can be determined by a vote on the floor of the senate, "yes" or "no." or i
. want to get away? southwest airlines says it is having trouble expanding into reagan national, but first, selling the dream. the local doctor arrested and charged with getting steroids to capitals and nationals players. >> this is bruce johnson. the washington capitals say douglas nagel may have been treating some of the players. the 50-year-old nagel was arrested today on steroid distribution charges at his townhouse in reston. his codefendant in florida produced receipts and says nagel told him, his clients included nats and caps players. both camps deny it. >> i just sincerely hope it's not true. the caps are such a great team. >> his wife denied her husband sold steroids. one douglas has been disciplined by medical boards both here in the state and virginia and in pennsylvania for alleged professional misconduct and practicing without a license. he paid fines in both cases. neighbors were stunned by the arrest today. >> i'm shocked. i'm shocked. i know they are health conscious. >> reagan national airport where southwest airlines would sure like to be doing business, b
that reagan national airport. here is our forecast for the overnight hours. it is breezy out there. temperatures will fall to around 30 degrees. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, it will still more like the lower-20 cost with the wind chill factor. -- the lower-20's with the wind chill factor. >> thank you. coming up on abc7, people in the northeast are digging out after a massive snowfall. tonight, some are still dealing with dangerous conditions. suspects to rob a jewelry store and leave behind a child. an honors student goes for a run and never returns. we have new details on the search for missing teen. we have new details on the search for missing teen. that is [ male announcer ] achievement: starts small... ...and dreams big. achievement: loves staying close to home... but isn't afraid to stretch its legs once in a while. achievement: makes big moves... ...and takes baby steps. it helps you keep the lights on... ...and it knows wheno turn them off. achievement: is all around us. a part of our very lives. at pnc, we help make achievement happen. pnc. for the achiever i
74 degrees for a high temperature at reagan national airport. take a look at our live doppler radar. good news, most of the showers are to the south and east of the sea, -- east of d.c., looking at clearing conditions. we will see a ltle peak of sunshine. we are looking at a live shot right now. rain totals for today so far, almost 3/4 of an inch in chesapeake bay, maryland. an extended outlook for the un, the weekend -- cool temperatures but a warm-up -- for the weekend -- cool temperatures but a warm- up for the weekend. >>> more trouble for marion barry. the former mayor owes $15,000 in new unpaid taxes, and now the irs is taking action. pamela brown has the latest on this story. good afternoon to you. >> good afternoon to you, alison. once again the irs is knocking on marion barry's door, this time with a tax form in hand. many residents are disappointed by this latest news. president james gibson supports marion barry but says the council member is running out of chances in light of his recent run in with the irs. >> he is about done. three strikes and you are out. >> the irs h
but not the prettiest day by any stretch. temperatures 45 in cumberland to 50 in fredericksburg. 49 reagan national and 46 in frederick and on the bay in annapolis is 48. look for a raw day today with increasing winds. showers and drizzle at times. highs in the upper 40s to lower 50s but don't fret. better weather news the second half of the week. that's coming up at 4:45. angie has traffic issues to discuss. >> that's what we want to hear. thank you very much. good morning, everybody. as you can imagine that flooding impacting the roads this morning. some of them are shut down. begin in upper marlboro. closed between church street and route 4. move to the outer loop and show you the beltway is fine north of the district. an example of that live from university. we have traffic lights out. this is in the rockville area. we know 28 and guy drive is where you want to treat it as a four-way stop. very light traffic is moving well from manassas to the beltway and wrapping with more flooding, old church road is closed in both directions at oxfordshire drive. back to andrea. >> thank you, angie. >>> a de
dc from reagan national airport -- 71 and 49 are the official high and low. just a trace of rain after midnight. temperatures are in good shape, the only problem is pollen and even though there was some rain yesterday, the pollen count was high for tree pollen. going forward with a warm and sunny weather, it will continue to be high and then grass and weeds will catch up. 70 degrees in gaithersburg. frederiksberg hanging on to 73 degrees. temperatures warmer than they were yesterday at this time. 18 degrees in gathersburg. 15 degrees warmer in fairfax. all good stuff if you like warm and sunny weather. 81 degrees in kansas city. 82 in dallas. the warm air going eastward as the trailing edge of the storm moves away. you can see the cloud of circulation move out with high clouds here. high pressure building at the surface and stacking up in the atmosphere. that will keep as bright and sunny and warm. here is your express' forecast going through the day tomorrow. 75 degrees with sunshine in the afternoon. checkout friday and saturday with lots of sun near 80 degrees. a weak disturba
now in the district alone will school. officially, 56 and reagan national. 41 degrees was the low. temperatures stayed steady, rose and fell again just after the midnight hour. as temperatures continue to fall, almost one-third of an inch of rain had reagan national. the winds are diminishing a little bit. we will take the cold without the wind, but make no mistake, it will be every bit of a winter morning even though it is springtime. north of the border, 31, state college, 38. what i referred to as a bubble of high pressure, strong enough to push the clouds and rain out of the area during the day, clear skies bringing a bit of a breeze out of the northwest. you think it is cold with 25-32 degrees here? rogers, utica, across vermont and new hampshire, a single digits. that is not the wind chill, that is the air temperature b. by tomorrow evening the clouds roll in and the next system hits the area with more showers. the weather will improve dramatically after that. sunshine, start to finish, a few clouds, but for the next seven days we will clear out. tuesday, wednesday, thursday
business at reagan national airport. that's something a lot of air travelers around here would like to see. tonight, southwest is crying foul over a deal between his competitors they say keeps them out of cities closest in airport. scott broome has all the details from reagan. >> the deal has delta and u.s. airways swamping landing slots to beef up their schedules. but federal regulators say both airlines have to give up slots to competitors, to make it happen. that's where southwest comes in. the biggest player in baltimore now a rare chance, perhaps, to get landing slots at reagan national. except that neither delta nor u.s. airways is including southwest in the swap proposal. >> i wouldn't have to drive all the way out here. >> that's patricia who drove all the way to bwi to get a flight to las vegas today. she lives in waldorf, which is double the distance to bwi from reagan national. but coffin goes with southwest. it is less expensive. according to this sampling of flights next month, that's before checking bags, which go free on southwest. >> i say even for business travel, nati
giving instructions to pilots. dave statter joins us live from reagan national with what air travelers have to say. >> reporter: i've been coming here for many years asking passengers their thoughts about a variety of stories. i've never seen such anonymity in response as to this story. this is the air traffic controller who brought his son to the tower at jfk and allowed him to work the radio. it's one of those -- what were they thinking kind of moments? >> reporter: the voice of a young boy giving instructions to airline pilots. no, this wasn't some kid with a stolen radio. interfering with flight operations? >> this is what you get when the kids are out of school. >> reporter: the boy's father, an air traffic controller, by his side telling the child exactly what to say. >> reporter: the pilot seemed to enjoy the voice coming from the tower at jfk on february 17th. >> 171, contact departure. >> over to departure, awesome job. >> reporter: in the shadow of the tower at reagan national where we assume it's an all adult operation passengers aren't chuckling. >> god help us. >> it sound
as well. don't look at that. that is a sneak peek. 67 for reagan national. bw i-66. these are current temperatures. that's pretty much the high at reagan national. dulles has been warmer than 66 degrees and bwi. in terms of the happy st. patrick's day forecast this evening, fair skies. it will be comfortable. temperatures in the 50s out there. temperatures about 10:00 or 11:00 in the lower 50s. if you are out later than that, you may get into upper 40s. at 11:00, clear skies, 51 degrees. sunny tomorrow morning and 45. at 12:00 tomorrow, sunny and 61. we may have a little bit in the way of high clouds out there tomorrow but it won't be too bad. 67 right now in the city. 64 for gaithersburg. frederick 66. kwan at the could 62. fredricksburg 68 degrees. close to 70. temperatures generally in the 40s. germantown 38. front royal 37. north and west in the suburbs temperatures will be in the 30s. buoy about 40 and leonard town overnight tonight 42. wehad a lot of sunshine today. the clouds have stay to the south of us around all this moisture for the carolinas and you can see they creeping i
, 47 degrees. it the official high at reagan national was 52 degrees -- the official high at reagan national was 52 degrees. pretty much on target. if you like warmer weather, you will like what is coming up in our extended outlook. temperatures across the nation, for the most part holding in the 40's and 50's. miami, critical for this time of year, 63 degrees for the temperature at 11:00 -- cool for this time of year. it looks like the back end of the system will bring widely scattered showers for the next 12 hours or so, but we are not expecting much more in terms of rainfall across the mid- atlantic. new york city, boston, you could be looking at some wet weather. drier into the carolinas. flood warnings remained in effect for frederick, montgomery, loudoun, and fairfax counties -- flood warnings remain in effect. definitely be forewarned, and expect some delays if your travel plans -- showers and cloudy skies for the overnight. winds at of the north west. temperatures indeed 40's -- winds out of the northwest. temperatures in the 40's. temperatures around 60 on wednesday and thu
in annapolis, maryland. 49 degrees the daytime high, just about an inch of rain. reagan national, 55, a morning low of 48. we will see it relatively the same thing tomorrow. it will take a couple of days before the sunshine appears and we will definitely see and feel it by tuesday and wednesday of the upcoming work week. 52 reagan national, sunshine this afternoon, allowing the temperatures to warm into the middle sixties, about 10 degrees warmer than today. 42 chicago. the satellite and radar shows the low pressure spitting in the atmosphere, dumping a lot of rain across western pennsylvania, pushing into ohio, southeastern lower michigan. for us, this will lift to the north overnight. would not be surprising to have a rumble of thunder to the south. not expecting anything severe, but if you hear something ouide, that is probably what it is. the latest warnings and advisory's, coastal flood advisory until tomorrow and the flood warnings for frederick, loudoun county, montgomery and fairfax counties overnight. the low pressure moves out tomorrow. sunshine finally comes back as we enter the upco
at reagan national airport. -- the air is very dry, officially 68 degrees at reagan national airport. the peak cherry blossom bloom it is predicted between march 28 and april 9. the average peak bloom date is april 4. we are right on target, where we should be with the cherry blossoms. they should be bright and full. i tink we are good to go, spectacular spring color just waiting. the 50's and 40's. 46 frederick, 54 fairfax, 52 bowie. to the north, cooler, but nothing bitterly cold. the jet stream dipping south the next few days. we think by the time we get into friday afternoon it will be chilledy, but not cold -- it will be chilly, but not cold. we are in good shape. things settle down next week. many changes first. some breaks in the overcast, clouds moving in. it will be cloudy tomorrow as the clouds streaming in. the next system as a cold front and low pressure area, showers tomorrow evening into friday morning. friday morning, the cold front slides tough, finishing the showers. colder air moving through, temperatures in the low 50's friday afternoon. saturday, bright and sunny,
. >> reporter: he was heading home to burke after arriving at reagan national airport. he was restrained, searched and detained for hours. >> they would not, you know, tell me why i was still in handcuffs. they said, okay, we are checking the computer and they dragged on for thee hours. >> reporter: john badal of california was the lone gunman. he was killed when police returned fire. lamese was released from custody and not charged with any crime. >> i was thinking i was going to die. i am traumatized. >> reporter: he is a native of uganda and a u.s. citizen. he never had any trouble with the law. he is at a loss why he became a target in this shooting investigation. >> i was an innocent party, rushing from the metro to catch a bus and i can't believe that law enforcement would not thought that out in the amount of time they allowed. >> reporter: he is not sure what steps he'll take, whether he will file a complaint. one thing for sure is he is going to avoid the pentagon metro station stop. live from the pentagon, darcy spencer. >> appreciate that. you can take a bus or train from the
yet there at reagan national airport. it is about to move in in the next 15 minutes or so now. 54 at reagan national. all the way into sunday we could get two to three inches of rain. we can see this rain advancing where you see the green and blue light rain. darker greensnd yellow where it's coming down harder between richmond and charlottesville and southeast andirginia advance to the metro area. this rain is just about to come into arlington across fairfax county into loudoun county. all this rain moving into maryland here over the next 15 to 20 minutes. this area is also under a flash flood watch. all these counties in green friday to saturday could have flooding. we have the snow melt running down the rivers out of the mountains will cause the potomac to rise the next couple of days. we are in the 50s around the region. 50s across virginia and wider view showing the stent of this rain into the carolinas. the upper level flow is coming out of the south and west. eventually an upper level system will park its way over us here and keep the rain machine going. it appears all the
smooth sailing out there. 71 for reagan national. dulles international close at 69 and bwi marshall at 70 degrees. temperature trend the next several days, thisis good. tomorrow 71 again. saturday a little warmer. i think we can make it up to about 73 degrees here in town. some of the surrounding communities on saturday may be able to make it up to like 75 or 76. on sunday a little cooler because of clouds late in the day but it still looks like it will be dry and nice. then showers come back on monday and a little cooler. temperatures ithe lower 60s. 73 saturday. 70 sunday. and we are still talking a few clouds for sunday. the change here, the subtle change, it looks like the showers now will hold off for the weekend. maybe we get a shower or two sunday night but certainly it looks li all the weekend now for us looks real i real good. 68 and holding for reagan national. all three major airports coming in at 68 degrees. just about everybody is in the 60s. fredricksburg holding strong at 78 degrees. look at this. 70 for richmond. new york city is 67 degrees and they are loving it in boston
itching that is tree pollen getting a jump start here. 62 degrees at reagan national. dulles 60. bwi 59ing and temperatures are comfortable tonight with a little daylight left. 57 degrees left at reagan national. 54 to the north. buffalo 35. not bad. but ciinnati 59. check this out. nashville 70 degrees. little rock 70. nice warmth is coming but you will see there is a lot of cold air, too and when we have that contrast we can cook up big storms. we will show you what we are seeing in our area. high pressure is taking over everything. but you can also see what is makings of what is a significant storm that will take a long time to cross the country. a good squall line we have been seeing across texas here. some reports of damage there. no watch boxes yet but that is a healthy looking storm and good snow behind that, too and that's going to be in colorado, wyoming and montana. for us, fir skies, near freezing in the suburbs tonight, 37 degrees. that's one thing ou notice, the nights can be cold and chilly start in the morning. tomorrow the same thing. a mild day with a few late-day clouds,
washington reagan national airport. >>> update this afternoon that amazing story involving three rottweiler puppies rescued from a d.c. home. >>> quick programming note. we know you are getting up earlier in the morning. so are we. that's why "news4 today" begins at 4:30 in the morning. joe krebs and eun yang at their new start time for the latest news, weather and traffic. [ howard ] natalie is the last one to leave home. but not a moment too soon, right? howard and linda were saving for natalie's college since she was born. she's going to need a lot of stuff. those everyday things we didn't plan on. so we showed them how wachovia's way2save program could help. ♪ every time they swipe their check card to make a purchase, a dollar is automatically transferred from their checking account to their savings account. and they get a bonus just for saving. [ natalie ] my bedroom is gonna be turned into an office for them. that's what i'm giving back to them. [ male announcer ] with you when it's time to save. wachovia. a wells fargo company. >>> two of the three rottweiler puppies rescued from
to show how federal and local crews would jump into action if a plane taking off from reagan national crashed into the potomac. fox 5's karen gray houston has details. >> reporter: it was a major exercise. dive teams gathered along the southwest waterfront from all over. the f.b.i., mpd and police from prince william and fairfax counties, d.c. fire, the fairfax and loudoun county sheriff's offices and maryland state police. >> if you don't train together, you're never going to be to believe work together when the really thing does happen. >> reporter: the washington channel is right near the flight path from reagan national. flights were flying overhead as the teams dove to retrieve items donated by the national transportation safety board. >> there's i believe two black boxes down there. we have some dummies to simulate persons in the water as well as seats and airplane pieces. >> reporter: what they're doing isn't easy. >> the advicibility is like one foot -- the advisability is like one foot -- the visibility is like one foot. >> reporter: the en their joe had an erie deja vu -- th
with temperatures running anywhere from the upper 20s in culpeper and cumberland to 40 at reagan national. 30 at the pax river naval air station and 32 up in gaithersburg. 44 by 9:00. 54 by noon. 5:00, 57 with sunny skies. rewill top out upper 50s to low 60s. beautiful day ahead. angie is getting her stretching in. >> sure am. stretching out and ready to go. let's get going. 66 eastbound, we are tracking the head lights no complaints centreville to the beltway. take you 3095 northbound trip is moving past shirlington to the 14th street bridge. to the district we go. live from 16th and upshire street a great example of that nice, quiet commute through dc. on the bw parkway and 95, heading southbound. nice green and clean toward powder mill and finally wrap it up outside with 270 southbound. right now we don't have any complaints, incidents or accidents at this time out of frederick all the way to the spur. back to you. >>> police are trying to learn about the man who launched an attack at the pentagon on thursday night. fortunately the two pentagon police officers shot by john patrick bedell a
at the satellite- radar. reagan national airport is reporting mostly cloudy skies. there are some clouds out there but not a whole lot going on. i think we'll see more sun as the day develops. going to be a fine day today. your forecast look like this. sunny skies, a mild day. high about 59 degrees. >> let's call it 06, tony. >> all right. we'll call it 60. i think some folks in fredericksburg, you will ge into the 60s. >> what mazes me that we take for granted. fredericksburg is 29 degrees. they will jump. over 30 degrees during the course of the day today. >> that is the kind of thing we see this time of year. >> no complaint though, right, as long as it doesn't stay at 29. >> deep thoughts from steve chenevey. >> when things get warmer, you start to warm up a little bit myself. >> keep them coming. i like it. as we head around town, montgomery county not too much to report. you are looking pretty good at the beltway. then 270, we just saw it briefly. 207 does slow from frederick as you head towards the truck sales. here we are on the beltway passing new hampshire avenue. you can see the i
into the milder air of the weekend. current-- or yesterday's high temperatures, reagan national made it up to 48 degrees. dulles international, 47. bwi marshall, 46 degrees. let's look at the satellite- radar. we've got some clouds that are -- it doesn't look too bad. we have eight got clouds around this morning. i think we'll see a fairly decent sunrise and we'll have more clouds build in later today. but you know what? maybe i'll be wrong. i was yesterday when i thought we would have a left clouds around and we did not. here is a look at the day planner for today. i do think mostly cloudy and by the end of the day, i think our highs will be in the mid-40s and that will be about it. a cold night tonight and we get set up for a milder weekend with temperatures we believe in the 50s. so we'll tell you more about that coming up in just a little bit. stick with us for that. >> thank you. >>> we want to get a check on traffic now with lauren demarco. it is getting busy out there. >> the big problem today is for metro riders. the pentagon station remains shut down due to the police investigation. the
. today, another cool day. let's take a look at what is going on. reagan national airport, the current temperature, 37 degrees at reagan national. humidity, 5 #%. wind continue to be part of the story. a breezy start. hear is a look at the satellite- radar composite for our region. now, things will be quieter today. we had a pretty good precipitation yesterday across the area. we won't see that today. that is dissipating. we do have some clouds. as tucker was saying, we'll have a fair amount of sunshine this morning, sun mixed with clouds and then more clouds building in for the later part of the day. looking for a high today of about 44 or 45 degrees. more details on the forecast for the future including the weekend coming up. >> sounds good. >> thank you. >> we want to get to a developing story. power outages and phone sink is cut in many parts of taiwan following an earthquake there. the 6.4 magnitude quake hit a southern mountainous part of the country today. it damaged a number of structures and set off at least one large fire. twelve people injured. no deaths reported so quake wa
. our high temperature today at reagan national was 52. the average for today is 55. the record was back in 1990. the temperatures outside holding in the 40's. we will drop by a few degrees for the overnight. 41 in detroit. 45 in new york city. there is this area of low pressure that gives off. if your travel plans tomorrow take you to new york city or boston -- there is an area of low pressure that moves off. a few scattered showers. overall, we will see improving conditions thanks to an area of high pressure just to the rest of us. clearing skies and milder temperatures -- just to the west of us. for the most part, clouds will remain with us for tonight along with the coastal flood morning -- warning. a high tide tomorrow morning. key bridge and alexandria, around 9:00 or so. showers will come to an end. winds will be out of the north at 5 to 10iles per hour. a stray shower maybe to the north or east. by afternoon, possiy a break in the clouds. upper 40's to low 50's. here is the extended outlook. we're going to find temperatures warming nicely in the upper 50's on tuesday. st. patrick
-- well, 42 degrees at wtop radio. at the airport, reagan national, not bad. it was 6 degrees above average for this time of year. it was called back in 1890, 13 degrees -- it was cold. skies have cleared out for elkins, west virginia. temperatures around 20 degrees at this hour. actually milder to the south and west of us. temperatures in the lower 40's of 4 cincinnati -- lower 40's for cincinnati. an area of low pressure off to the west of us. this will diminish in intensity and bring some drier air into the mid-atlaic. temperatures will tumble. tomorrow morning, once the sun comes up, we will look for a rapid warmup just like we had today. clouds developed earlier this evening and now another batch of to the west of us, nothing that will amount to much. -- another badge to the west of us. -- batch to the west of us. our temperatures will fall into the 30's. winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow, by afternoon, the daytime highs in the mid to upper upper 50's to lower 60's. here is a look at the extended outlook. the temperatures are going to warm up and then cooled down -- coo
in woodbridge after high of 68. the official numbers -- 65 at reagan national. our average is six to four -- is 54. a flo watch for parts of the panhandle of west virginia and western maryland. that starts tomorrow and runs intohe weekend. a combination of heavy rains and some snow melt could mean it flooding. -- especially with the heavier rains are arriving tomorrow night and into saturday. a great evening. lows tonight near 50 downtown. upper 40's in the suburbs. a couple inches of rain possible this weekend. heaviest in the north and west. it will work its way up the coast. not such a good conditions along the coastal areas. temperatures in the 50's tonight. wake up tomrow, rain, possibly heavy. breezy as well. 64 the friday. through the weekend, showers may be with thunder on saturday. remember we spring forward on saturday night. do not forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. >>> they donned the uniform, they served the country, now these wounded warriors have to start over. >> a new type of therapy is helping them by hitting the slopes. >> you can call these courage
. at reagan national airport, 71 above average. the records go back to 1989, 81 degrees on this day. we will be in the lower 70's by saturday, probably as warm as it will get. it will be -- no signs it will turn bitterly cold. grass, pollen, and mold s proes in the low -- spores in the low range. this includes the nasty stuff on the ground. at this hour, 15 degrees above average, upper 60's across the board. warm temperatures everywhere. just about the same temperature in jacksonville. that is what happens with the clout and rain and ocean breeze this time of year. florida is affected by that, much of new england. through the day tomorrow and through the day saturday, it will be warmer temperatures around 70 tomorrow and low 70 saturday. it will be very late in the day, so we will be in the upper 60's. it may be a walk -- a rumble of thunder. here is the express for you right now. more sunshine and another warm day. the next seven-day shows no. and though -- numbers in the lower 70's. but look, tuesday weld, wednesday, and thursday, a little cooler but not colder. >>> the toyota sports
it to 50 degrees at reagan national airport. it is cold outside. the sun continues to shine, but the clouds just talked to the west of us will arrive during the overnight hours. shares by tomorrow morning, and then heavy rain by tomorrow afternoon -- showers by tomorrow morning. t. c. williams high school in alexandria, 47 degrees a high temperature. the current temperature is 47. 44 degrees by this time tomorrow. it is 44 degrees in frederick, maryland. temperatures across the middle atlantic or well below average for this time of year. richmond at 50 degrees. cooler temperatures of to the north and east. new york city looking at only 37, but out to the west of us, milder air is part of the system that eventually will bring us warmer temperatures. an area of low pressure developing in the midportion of the country continues to spin and will move in our direction over the next 24 hours or so, and then bring one to 2 inches of rain by the time all is said and done with this system. increasing clouds and the overnight hours and wins will be out of the southeast at 5-10 miles an hour. tomorrow
. the official numbers for washington, d.c., at reagan national, high of 48, 4 degrees below average, 35 the morning low. we're talking 52-55 early next week. 43 gaithersburg, la plata 46, 45 fredericksburg, 43 leesburg. the temperatures will slide quickly with the sun down. bottom line, it will be breezy and chilly tomorrow morning. the milder temperatures south and west, working in our direction for the weekend. we are still getting the backlash of the winter storm from the ocean over the north atlantic. clouds later tonight and overnight. the wind will stay up 10-15. saturday as well. slowly, but warmer temperatures advance up the coast. first, we have to get rid of the upper level pattern. looks like tomorrow, or early saturday will be that end of it. saturday night, sunday morning, the high pressure center will move offshore. then we start to pick up more of the west, southwest flavor to the wind and the temperatures will come up. friday, chilly start, 27-32, more sunshine. it will be breezy, northwest at 10-15, wind gusts around 20 credit -- around 20. 46 the high. the next seven d
this afternoon. 66. look at downtown, reagan national topped out at 64 degrees here. 11 degrees above where we should be for this time of year. 39 this morning, a record being 80 setback in 1964, 16 in 1932. 67 martinsburg, 57 in fredricksburg, and all across the atlantic, mild air is pumped in despite the clouds. a warm front is coming down to the south and west bringing milder air. moisture tomorrow, but as the storm system slowly works its way east, it ll set their and expend energy and broke rain our way thursday and friday and even through the upcoming weekend. back to the map, we're still in a dry sector to more but will have cloud cover and maybe even isolated sprinkles. that red line indicates worms coming through, milder air building in, and no shift in temperatures over the next couple of days. mild air will be in place, we just do not have as much sunshine. tomorrow, 38 to 45, not nearly as cold as early this morning. 57 at lunch, 62 true the afternoon, when light and variable and that straight isolated showers chance. -- wind variable, straw isolated shower chance. this weekend, se
, feels like 40, because of the winds out of the north and northwest. 48 degrees at this hour. reagan national airport, hagerstown, 47. elkton, west virginia, 39 degrees. cooler temperatures to the north. high pressure builds into the region for the overnightours. that is when we will seek a gradual clearing. sunshine for tomorrow -- wednesday and thursday and even a friday, temperatures rebound into the 60s. a little closer in, and you can see the atmosphere, showershat moved through earlier this morning south of d.c. will keep clouds and the forecast, and also of the coastal flood warning in effect. i tied for alexandra and 9:26 this evening -- high tide for alexandria at 9:26 this evening. high tide and flooding across old town. showers mainly to the east of us. 40 to 53 degrees on the the north, 15 to 20 miles per hour. upper 30's to lower 40's. for the day tomorrow, a lot nicer. sunshine, 55 to 60 degrees. here is a look at the extended outlook. we will call for more sunshine on said patrick's day para. a much improved forecast on the way. this area of low pressure gets out of he
degrees. in northwest washington, 54 degrees with a light southeasterly breeze. officially at reagan national today, 41 the morning low. interestingly, the middle of march, some wild stuff, 1945, 80 degrees on this day, and back at the turn of the last century, 1900, 13 degrees. by the way, with the warmer temperatures, the pollen count is back. we are going to see lots of this in the next month or so, high tree pollen. you see all of the buds in the trees coming out. it is definitelyigns of spring. 50's in the city for the most part, but the suburban areas are in the 40's, and elkins had 38 degrees. most of the mid-atlantic is in fine shape. down at the georgia/south carolina/florida border, some showers, but the animations we have been watching tending to head back to the south again. that is because of the strong high-pressure in control. we may see some high clouds south of the metro area, a staffer, southern maryland, but it will not be much of the feature at all -- south of the metro area, stafford, southern maryland. milder temperatures will continue as long as the jet stream
. 42 said reagan national. only a trace of light rain since last night. 38 deges in gaithersburg. the chilly numbers yourself. it is chelation jacksonville right now. the warm-up is one to start. much more noticeable over the next few days. the storm will be close enough to marta still give us a breeze. high pressure will build in. maybe a few snow showers across the mountains of pennsylvania. it will get warmer over the weekend. over the next seven days, it will be breezy. saturday, sunday, and monday looks beautiful. a few showers late in the day on tuesday. >> a much better change than what we have had. >> a much better change than what we have had. we w and dreams big. achievement: makes big mov... ...and takes baby steps. it helps you keep the lights on... ...and it knows when to turn them off. achievement: is all around us. a part of our very lives. at pnc, we help make achievement happen. pnc. for the achiever in us all. >> new details on the murder of 17 year-old chelsea king. but now, a dream comes true for a teenage girl and a baseball team. she met her idol, a red sox
in sterling. official high at reagan national, 49 after a morning low of 33. this year -- this time of year we should see 64 the daytime high. temperature's only in the 40's across the area. 42 in hagerstown. it made 40's in pittsburgh. this is going to push into the area for the day tomorrow and highs will be in the middle 50's. we'll have a shot of cooler air and then the warm up arrives on wednesday and thursday. we will feel a huge difference. this area of low pressure continues to spin in the mid portion of this country -- of the country. it will go to the east in the next 24 hos or so. mostly cloudy skies early in the morning and then this system will entually get out of here, but it will take a couple of days. monday into tuesday and then by wednesday, much warmer air will flow through our area. i have a feeling we have the possibility of 80 degrees by next weekend. temperatures fall into the 30's tonight. cloudy and cool for tomorrow, showers develop west of d.c. about 10:00 a.m. by the afternoon, we could see some heavy rain and high temperures of just 55 degrees. that will continue t
. officially, the numbers at reagan national airport, 68 degrees, 12 degrees above average. this theme of above average temperatures will continue. the pollen count is back. all the rain, all the melted snow, longer days, bright sunshine, the pollen count is up for tree pollen. that will continue for the foreseeable future. 66 in leesburg. 66 degrees in fairfax. 65 in fredericksburg. most of the country is in pretty good shape. hard-pressed to find call their anywhere. in new york city, it is warmer than it is in miami, because of the cloud cover and the rain and the south. south georgette is on the chilly side right now. we picked this up last night over louisiana. some of this high cloudiness will affect parts of the viewing area late tonight and tomorrow morning. high, thin clouds. temperatures will stay on the warm side. the jet stream is to the north. that is locking all of the cold air in canada. it will stay on the warm side until the next cold front comes through on sunday. 38 to 45, the range of temperatures in the morning. 68 tomorrow afternoon with bright sunshine. the next several d
, measured at reagan national airport, 70 degrees, impressive. the average high 57, a morning low of 44. we are right in the peak of the warming trend it tonight and tomorrow, cooler sunday. the pollen count, big numbers with tree pollen, high range, all sports and the low range. weeds and grass were absent. trust me, give it time, they will be back. 71 fairfax, 71 gaithersburg and culpeper, 71 winchester, hagerstown 72, fredericksburg 68, and over the weekend, southwest breeze, across portions of st. mary's county, calvert county, you will probably be 10, 15 degrees and everybody else because the breeze coming off the water will cool things off. much colder air moving across the country, snow through colorado and denver, pushing across the southern plains. right now, dallas 70 degrees. they could have a rain/snow mixed tomorrow. we will not see a dramatic change. showers and thunderstorms, showers sunday night. showers and possible thunderstorms monday. the cold front turns us cooler, but not to mar. the spring officially begins at 1:32 tomorrow afternoon. low seventies most spots, close t
. >> extremely dense fog makes it hard to see airplanes as they land into reagan national. >> it is something you should be concerned about. >> with up to 4 inches of rain expected to fall, mount vernon resident dave turner is worried about his home. >> for us, we worry about our basement flooding. we can only make sure that hours of pumps are working >> they have closed off -- that our stockump pumps are working >> they have closed off -- that our sump pumps are working. >> they have closed off certain areas. outdoor plans for the weekend are definitely out of the question. >> [unintelligible] with the weather, i do not know that i will be heading out there. >> they are watching strong quiet in the whipping wind tonight. the boats are rocking. >> that is live when doing business -- that is life when doing business in alexandria. >> residents and reamerchants ae being asked to do their part. >> we have some breaking news coming in. emergency crews are on the scene of a metro bus crash that happened in the 1300 block of sunder ave. one person was ejected from one vehicle and another car is in the
that officially at reagan national airport. at this moment, temperatures are starting to fall all west. we have a push of warm air ahead of the stormenter. we are not complaining. 72 in fairfax. 73 degrees in la plata. cold air is making its way through the great lakes. we are waiting for the storm system to move east. that will drag in the cold air. it will be blustery tomorrow. most of the day will be in the 40's. as we get through the day, the transition in the winds, temperatures will be cold enough, that with a dissertation, it may fall and the form of snow showers. the ground and air temperatures are warm enough, and you'll just be riding around and say, are those snowflakes? the surface map shows the storm moving out tomorrow. if you get to the northeast, maybe some significant snow in pennsylvania and maybe york state. it will be a cursity in our area -- may be some significant snow and pennsylvania and new york state. close to freezing by early on saturday morning. our friday expressed -- chilly. in the next seven days, the cherry blossom festival gets under way with a sunny sky. the t
just had a gust to 35 miles an hour. reagan national had a gust near 30. so did andrews air force base in prince george county. the winds are quite blustery. temperatures are still below freezing out in the mountains. they've been in the 20s to near 30 all morning under a mostly cloudy sky. eastern shore now in the mid-40s. they've had quite a bit of sunshine there. a few clouds coming down from the north will be with us from time to time into the afternoon. a little sun in the shenandoah valley, but cloudy to the west. partly cloudy for the rest of the afternoon. chilly and blustery with the winds gusting 25 to 30 or so and highs may briefly get up to around 50 in the next few hours. that will be the first time we've exceeded 50, if it does that, in over a month. we'll have details looking back at february and looking forward into march. that will all be coming up in just a few minutes, barbara and joe. >> thank you, tom. >> thanks, tom. >>> jerry edwards has an update on the midday traffic. >> hey, barbara, joe. good morning. good morning, everyone. relatively calm as we take a live
is a look at what is happening right now at reagan national airport. current temperature, 38 degrees. relative humidity, 65%. your winds are out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. the forecast for today is not bad. inwe'll see a good amount of sunshine today. mostly sunny. still breezy though. winds between 15 to 20 miles per hour. they could gust at time up to 30 miles per hour looking for a high of about 49 degrees. our average high for this date is 50 degrees. that is a look at the weather. more is coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. >>> let's get to julie wright and find out about traffic this morning. >> we're not looking so bad right now. we have alittle fender bender that we need to talk about and that is southbound along the baltimore-washington parkway just before the reach the new york kenilworth avenue split. you want to stay for the far left to get by there. expect delays building from the pepsi plant heading south. right now, lane are open leaving riverdale and cheverly headed into northeast. southbound 270 slowing out of hyattstown l are delays headed down
believe that we will see a high temperature at reagan national of 70 degrees today. some in the upper 60s, some may get up to 71 or 72. we will take that. >> yes. get us in area and we're happy. >> coming up in 15 minutes today's ask the weather guy. >> okay. good. maybe we will find out why we need to care. >> or, decide th we don't care. >>> all right. julie, what is happening on the roads. >> all right. julie, thank you. >>> we are on the brink of a history-making vote on health care. a battle to make the nation's health care coverage more efficient is coming to a head. >> democrats are hoping to push back complications standing in the way of action in the house. stacey is live on capitol hill, good morning. >> good morning, there is quite a bit happen down here this morning and news about when the politicians and the public will get to see the legislation and hear what it costs. 216, that's the number hat house democrats need to vote in favor of this reform. they have one more vote in the yes column, that is the democratic from ohio. he announced that he will vote yes in favor of the
high temperatures and 49 at reagan national. that was the high thus far today. dulles, 51. bwi, marshal, 46. you're thinking not too bad but our average daytime high this time of year is closer to 60 so a good 10 degrees or so blow where we should be. 49 at reagan national. we were warmer all afternoon. we had low 50s in frederick which is falling back to 50. fredericksburg in the mid-50s. 48 in manassas. let's see what else is going on. out to the east, annapolis is 46. we're going to watch the low temperatures bottom out back into the 30s. maybe even temperatures at or below freezing. not to far to the north an west. washington area, just a little bit of high cloudiness moving in and you know partly cloudy tonight. not expecting any rain showers tonight. when we get up tomorrow this area right here will be across the washington area. these clear skies. i think we'll start the day with partial sunshine during the start of our sunday and then this mess moves in late in the afternoon. by tomorrow night we'll see lightly scattered shower across the washington area a. and that will linger
and culpeper. the atmosphere is pretty dry. not all of this is hitting the driver. 44 at reagan national. 39 in culpeper. we are right around 40 degrees. not as cold as zero had yesterday, especially in the outlying suburbs. ou weather pattern is shifting. you will notice some changes at first thing today. possibly a few sprinkles out west. the real shower action will stay off to our west and hold off for a few days. you will notice the increase in the cloud cover today. we had total sunshine for four days. not a bad day today. we will have a mixture of sun and clouds. 63 will be the high temperature. cloudy skies tonight. tomorrow, grace skies and it looks like rain tomorrow should -- gray skies and it looks like to arrange a hold off until later. but at least we're staying smiled. >> thank you. >>> facebook is keeping track of you and your friends. looking for a bike lane is easier than ever thanks to googled maps. >> facebook lets you know everything your friends are thinking and doing. soon it will let you know where they go. facebook will let its users to share their location. the sites
of hours. take a look at the temperatures. 42 degrees at reagan national airport. 37 in bowie. leesburg, up 31. our forecast for today calls for sunshine. if you like to yesterday, you will like what we have to offer today. morning temperatures in the 30's, warming to the 40's. by 4:00, mostly sunny skies. temperatures around 60 degrees. do not get used to the sunshine. we do have some changes. rain and a lot of it is on the way. let's head over to lisa baden with a check on the rush-hour commute. good morning. >> thank you, steve rudin. good morning. we are in fabulous shape. normal times between richmond and baltimore on 95. good across the wilson idge. everyone is moving smoothly right now. good as far as travel on i-95 but also only dulles greenway and the dulles toll road, or reticular live. good on seven from sterling to tysons. -- where we take you live. >> thank you. >>> 5:11, 40 degrees. >> a tragic end in the yearlong search for a teenager. >> it is the moment of a lifetime. i would just like to dedicate this to the women and men. >> an historic night for women at >> you are watch
right now with the current conditions being reported at reagan national, 38 degrees. relative humidity at 79%. now, i do want to mention, earli, a few moments ago, i said the winds will pick up later today but they're starting to. winds out of the north and up to 17 miles per hour and gusting up to 24 miles per hour at reagan national. we are at 38 degrees. and temperatures around the nation are consistent in the eastern u.s. 20s and 30s most places. out into the plains, the teens and 20s and out to the west, 40s and 50s. dallas is cold at 34 degrees and so it atlanta. looking at the satellite radar, most of the action is in our part of the world. the mid-atlantic and portions of the northeast dealing with yet another storm system. but the good news is the bulk of the storm system is off the coast and out over the ocean and that's where the serious precipitation is. we do have the wraparound wind so it will be breezy today. and those winds could bring in colder air for us for a while this morning and during that period we could see snow showers developing. but for the most part it will
. the condition is the breezy conditions we'll have. current conditions at reagan national, 38 degrees is the temperature. relative humidity 62%. winds out of the northwest at 8 miles per hour. speaking of winds, here are the sustained winds. 8 miles per hour in the district. 7 in baltimore and in frederick, maryland, 16 mile- per-hour and 13 in winchester and 12 in ocean city. so a breezy start to the day and we'll continue to see that through the day. satellite radar shows us we are between two systems. up to the north the remnants of blizzard impacting new england mainly with rain but still some areas of snow and windy conditions. clouds across the mid-atlantic and down to the south and west, the next storm impacting our area. so today a calm day. mostly sunny and still breezy and 49 degrees. our normal high today would be 50. that's a look at weather. now let's get an update on traffic -- no, in a moment. going to steve and gurvir. >>> before we get to julie wright we want to pass along information on metro. the in crease on metro means you'll have to pay 10 cents more per ride. bu
sunshine. temperatures 37 right now at reagan national. not a bad start to the day. 39 in fredericksberg. ocean city has a temperature of 36. for our friends way down in virginia temperatures are in the 30s, 37 at patuxent naval air station and 33 in winchester. 45 won't feel too bad with sun out there and a good looking weekend coming up in a few minutes. allison and tony back to you. >>> our top story, two paramedics suspended after contact with a young girl. >> and there is an investigation what happened in the hours leading up to stephanie stevens death. sarah simmons joins us live from d.c. fire headquarters with details. >> reporter: the ambulance crew that did respond that day on february 10th is off the street for not transporting the little girl to the hospital and sources are telling fox 5 that the medic crews may not have followed proper department guidelines on that day. this is the case that is surrounding 2-year-old stephanie stevens. she was buried on tuesday but there are still a lot of questions surrounding her death. there was a 911 call last month to her home on southe
. near 30 miles an hour over the last hour. just had a gust at reagan national at 28. andrews air force base just had a gust of 31. temperatures out of the mountain just below 30. eastern shore near 40 degrees. view from space shows lots of sun, though a few clouds up in pennsylvania may rotate down here later on this afternoon. overall, quite a bit of sunshine, chilly breeze out of the northwest, highs reaching the mid 40s. i'll show you my forecast for the end of the week. we'll show you friday and the weekend, some promising news. we'll look at the next week as well. back to you. >>> let's go to jerry edwards now in the news4 traffic network, take a look at the midday traffic. >> good morning, everyone. some slow rolling this morning on the belt way. inner loop has come around from before georgia avenue, points east, crews are patching potholes taking up the right side of the road on the inner loop just after university boulevard headed toward new hampshire avenue. we'll keep a watch on that throughout the broadcast. along interstate 66, another tough midday under way. broken down ve
at the lows we had. it gon got down to 49 at reagan national. montgome montgomery lower 40s. out in the mountains bottomed out in the 20s this morning. right now temperatures all around the region in the 50s to near 60 degrees. charlesville up to 62 now. right around the immediate suburbs the mid and upper 50s. winds gusting to around 30 miles an hour. they've diminished over the last couple of hours. they'll do so throughout the rest of the afternoon. right now, quite a warmup from e 20s in the mountains we had early this morning. now near 50. eastern shore the mid 50s. up we will likely see mid 60s happen over the next several hours. that storm system continues to pullway taking the clouds with it as well as the rain. in new england they have had the massive flooding and set all-time march rainfall records for boston, problem dense and hartford. that storm system unloaded torrential rain there yesterday and over the last 12 hours we've seen it weaken headed off to the east. we do have high pressure moving in. and it's going to be with us here going forward over the next 48 hour
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